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Apply for a Donation or Sponsorship

Building strong, successful communities together.

We’re dedicated to supporting the towns and cities we serve to help improve quality of life. Unitil gives back in a variety of ways, from donations and sponsorships, to scholarships and volunteering opportunities. Through our efforts, we’re elevating the places where we live and work.

We target corporate contributions to educational programming, emergency response efforts and basic human needs. On top of our larger corporate commitments, employees at each of our regional affiliates meet regularly via committee to discuss potential local donations that fit within our partnership goals. These donations, which typically range from $100 to $500, are an opportunity for our employees to champion local endeavors.

Do you have a unique opportunity or initiative in line with our giving strategies?

Alternatively, you can call us at 603-773-6540. We will respond to your request within 4-6 weeks, so please be sure to submit your application in advance of your event deadline(s). All decisions will be communicated to you in writing.

Small group of children and parents in an outdoor class.

How Unitil Gives Back