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Time-of-Use Rates - NH Electric

Small changes could add up to big savings

Shift your electricity usage to times of the day when energy costs are lower and reduce your electric bill with Unitil's NH Time-of-Use (TOU) Rates*. 

*Not currently available in Massachusetts.

Check out our Rate Comparison Calculator.

What is Time-of-Use? 

Historically, Unitil has offered the standard rate which charges one price for every kWh you use no matter the time of day you use it. This option is still available to electric residents and business customers throughout all our service territories. 

Time-of-Use (TOU) rates have different electricity prices based on the time of day electricity is used. Customers can manage their bills by shifting tasks that require electricity to off-peak hours when electricity costs are the lowest.

Where to Start:


Am I eligible?

Whole House Time-of-Use rates: Currently available to residential New Hampshire electric customers only.

Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use rates: Currently available to business and residential NH electric customers only.

We are working to make Time-of-Use rates available to our Massachusetts electric customers soon.


Can I save money?

To take full advantage of the Time-of-Use Rates, we encourage any subscribers to shift their large energy usage habits to off-peak times. A consumer who does not reduce their on-peak usage may see no savings.

Time-of-Use Tiers

Whole House and EV Time-of-Use rates are broken into the same three tiers and time frames. Each time frame has a different rate. The graph below is a general overview of how these rates work and how pricing compares to the standard rate. 

time of use graph explaining mid-peak hours are 6am to 3pm, costing about the same as standard rate. On-peak hours are 3pm to 8pm, costing about 3x the standard rate. Off-peak hours are 8pm to 6am, costing less than the standard rate.

All weekend & holiday hours are considered off-peak. 


Find current rates

Did you know? Supply rates are separate from Distribution rates.

Is Time-of-Use a good fit for you?


Depending on your lifestyle, Time-of-Use could offer great savings. Time-of-Use consumers should attempt to use most of their electricity during off-peak times to see the most savings and avoid on-peak usage as much as possible.

If shifting most of your electricity usage away from 3 - 8 pm (Mon - Fri) isn't possible, remaining on the standard rate is your best option.

Rate Comparison Calculator: 

See the changes Time-of-Use rates could make on your electric bill whether you purchase an EV, or shifting your home's energy usage to off-peak times.

View our Rate Comparison Calculator


Whole House Time-of-Use

New Hampshire residential customers are eligible for the Whole House Time-of-Use rate.

Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use

NH residential and business customers are eligible for the Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use rate.

Common Time-of-Use Questions

Ready to get Time-of-Use rates?

Learn more about rates and enrollment on the Whole House Time-of-Use page or Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use page.