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Each month we mail out a customer newsletter that offers a variety of important updates, energy efficiency tips, fun activities and more. If you’ve signed up for paperless billing you access past editions here.

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2023 Newsletters

February 2023

A Little Help When We Need it Most

January 2023

How to Make the Most of Your Heat

2022 Newsletters

holiday lights

December 2022

Controlling Energy Costs

women on computer

November 2022

Why are Supply Rates Going Up?

wall insulation

October 2022

Preparing for Winter Energy Costs

women reading a laptop

September 2022

Managing Volatile Energy Markets

upgrading windows

August 2022

Lowering Costs & Staying Safe


July 2022

12th Annual Scholarship Winners!

renters unpacking in a new place

June 2022

Energy Saving Tips for Landlords & Renters

hand holding charging unit in side of car

May 2022

Moving Toward a Sustainable Future

Digging a hole

April 2022

Spring Has Sprung

woman holding orange mug and looking at tablet in kitchen

March 2022

Support for Rising Energy Costs

small wooden home wrapped in red scarf

February 2022

Winter Energy Supply Rates

young lady knitting on couch surrounded by blankets, lights and pillow

January 2022

A Global Energy Crunch

2021 Newsletters

young couple sitting on couch and holding a wooden house in their hands

December 2021

Controlling Energy Costs

person shoveling snow with orange handle show shovel

November 2021

Add to Your Snow Routine

white pumpkin on white blanket with twinkle lights

October 2021

Energy Saving Tips for Fall

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